Study Scottish Folklore. Tell Your First Tale. Keep the Tradition Alive.

You’ve discovered Scottish folklore, you’ve fallen in love and now you want more.
Reading a selection of stories is great, but you want to learn about:
the landscapes the stories arose from; 
the cultures and peoples that shaped them;
their place in Scottish culture today;
the lessons they hold for modern listeners.
And perhaps you’d like to tell these stories yourself, to your children at bedtime or your friends around a campfire.



But maybe you feel that you don't have the right to tell these stories. Because you’re not Scottish, or you don’t feel like you really get them, or you’re not good at telling stories.


I know how you feel. I’m Scottish but I grew up unaware that Scottish folklore even existed, and then felt overwhelmed when I tried to get my head around it, relying on old books full of names I couldn’t pronounce and creatures I’d never heard of.  



 I persevered, working part-time, low-paid jobs and scraping by while I focussed on stories. I wandered Shetland, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides; I learnt from storytellers, from books and from telling the stories to every audience who would listen.

 A decade later, I’m sharing these stories with audiences from Scotland to Singapore, and I've even taken these stories onto bestseller lists. I love them, I’ll never tire of them and I’m always learning from them. 

I’ve put everything I’ve learned into this course. 




Introducing Scottish Myths & Legends 101

The only online course that will walk you through Scottish folklore from the Borders to Shetland, from the ancient past to the present day, and equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to share these stories yourself.

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This is a course made specifically for lovers of Scottish folklore who dream of immersing themselves in this incredible tradition and sharing the stories with their family and friends.


By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of Scottish folklore and be ready to tell your first Scottish story.

Reading books will only take you so far. In this course you will:


  • Watch as I tell you stories from every part of Scotland, exactly as I do on stage or by the fire;
  • Learn from a guide who has spent years immersed in the living Scottish tradition;
  • Discover the lessons the stories held for our ancestors and still hold for us today;
  • Connect to the stories on a deep level using the same techniques I teach to my students. 

You won't get long, dry lists of creatures and tale types from me. I'll teach you about stories using stories. You'll learn about the Norse influence by examining Asipattle and finfolk; we'll find our way into fairy lore through the tale of Thomas the Rhymer. 

I know you may have never been to Scotland, or feel incapable of remembering the plot of a story.


Trust me; those things don’t matter. I’ve never worked with a student who couldn’t earn the right to tell a Scottish story, or who couldn’t remember a story by the end of a workshop.


Inside this course, you will find:

  • Performances of stories to inspire you;
  • A guide to the regions of Scotland and their key stories, characters and creatures;
  • A history of Scottish folklore collectors and collections;
  • A guide to Scottish folklore in contemporary Scotland and contemporary global culture;
  • A discussion of the issues around cultural appropriation and how they relate to Scottish traditions in particular;
  • Tried-and-tested techniques for learning and telling stories;
  • Tried-and-tested techniques for relating stories to your own life and times


The Price

The cost is $150. This gets you:

  • A comprehensive survey of Scottish folklore so that you can immerse yourself in the tradition you love.
  • Performance videos so you can see how a professional storyteller brings a tale to life.
  • Surefire techniques for learning stories so you can read a story and tell it that evening.
  • lifetime access to all course materials. 


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Here's What People Are Saying...


If you want to go beyond reading and immerse yourself in this living tradition then this course is for you.


You can go on looking at this tradition from the outside or become part of it.


Click below to take up the torch.


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I’m Daniel Allison and I'll be your guide. I’m the author of Scottish Myths & Legends, a Kindle Top 10 bestseller in the USA, Canada and Australia and USA Today bestseller.


I’m also the author of Finn & The Fianna, The Orkney Cycle: The Shattering Sea and a forthcoming second collection of Scottish stories. My podcast House of Legends has been downloaded over 100,000 times, while my Roundhouse Storytelling School provides a unique online community and training hub for storytellers all over the world.


As a live performer I tell a mixture of Scottish and global stories. I’ve done this everywhere from Indian villages to Hebridean hilltops and global festivals, and currently split my time between Scotland and Thailand. I believe that everyone can learn to tell stories and that doing so can help us make a better world.


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