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You’ve fallen in love with folklore.


You’ve awakened to the power of ancient tales of skeleton women and snake princes. As exotic and strange as they are, you sense that they have much to say about our own lives and the age we live in. 

The problem is, it can be hard to find people who think the same way.

Most people regard such stories as a way for primitive peoples to idle away the evenings or entertain annoying children... if they think about these stories at all.

Things are a bit different at the Roundhouse. 

'An amazing resource and community for storytellers of any level'

Kirsten Milliken, Scotland

The Roundhouse hearth is a place where stories are treasured.


The old stories passed down from our ancestors and the stories every community member carries with them. 

We don’t share stories only for entertainment, though we certainly value that. 

We share stories to bring ancient wisdom into our modern lives. 

We share stories to draw our community closer together.

We share stories because we recognise that everyone who hears a story will experience something different. Something valuable. Something our community should hear.

Angharad Wynne

Daniel Allison

Is this something you’ve been craving?


If so, I know how you feel. I moved from Scotland to Thailand in 2018. My life was wonderful but for one thing; I desperately missed the rich storytelling culture of Scotland.

I’d been a professional storyteller for a decade, travelling across the country and across the world sharing the stories I loved, everywhere from campfires and schools to global festivals. Stories had been at the centre of my life and now they were missing.

I started the House of Legends podcast so I could go on telling stories. The podcast took off and now has over 100,000 downloads and avid listeners all over the world.




But that wasn’t enough. I needed not just to tell stories but to talk about them – to obsess over them – with people who loved them the way I did. But in the meantime I’d returned to Scotland and the pandemic had hit. Now we were all isolated and all in need of stories.So I began building.

I built the Roundhouse to be the storytelling school and community which you and I both crave.


'If you want to learn how to be a fantastic storyteller, and you want to meet wonderful people who carry the same dream, the Roundhouse is THE place for you.'

Catriona Blanke, Germany 


Think of the Roundhouse as a thatched hut deep in the forest. A gathering place where we can leave the everyday behind and delve into the mythic. 


'Being a part of the Roundhouse has transformed my practice. The nurturing community environment has massively improved my confidence'

Laura Sampson, England


Here's What People Are Saying...


Introducing The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a storytelling membership site and community. We will support you to develop your storytelling skills, learn the practical aspects of the trade and connect with passionate and like-minded people the world over. 

As a member you will:

  • Dive deep into a wide variety of mythology and folklore, with complex and confusing traditions made clear for you
  • Learn about individual traditions and texts such as Norse mythology, the Ulster Cycle and the Mabinogion
  • Study story formats such as the Animal Groom, the Fairy Ointment and the Bloody Mouth
  • Use what you have learnt to deepen your understanding of your own tradition 
  • Learn by watching master storytellers at work and receiving detailed breakdowns of their techniques
  • Receive expert guidance on the practical business of storytelling, from hosting events to working with children
  • Receive regular quizzes to consolidate your knowledge and keep you on track   
  • Join a community of passionate and like-minded people from all over the world 
  • Make new storytelling friends, arrange practice dates and learn from their feedback
  • Take part in a monthly story share with myself and other members
  • Attend webinars by guest teachers
  • Get help with motivation, mindset and accountability to ensure this isn’t something you dream of, this is something you really do!

Martina Pisciali

'Daniel is very supportive and generous with ideas'

Jackie Nonis, England

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David Campbell by Mairi McFayden

The Price

You can learn storytelling online by taking coaching. I run online coaching groups and they’re great. But not everyone can afford this option; the cost is $110 per month for group coaching and $70 per hour for individual coaching. 

You can also spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on travelling to another state or country to attend an in-person training or festival. I’m not knocking this – storytelling retreats and festivals are wonderful, wonderful things – but the costs and distances involved just aren’t practical in many situations.

Or, you can join the Roundhouse for $26 per month and get access to all the features listed above. If you pay annually, it's even cheaper. 

Roundhouse Monthly Membership

$26.00 USD every month
Roundhouse Annual Membership

$260.00 USD every year


'Excellent for both beginning and experienced storytellers'

Marilyn McPhie, National Storytelling Network

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so sure you will love the Roundhouse that I’m offering a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Try out the Roundhouse. Work through the materials, get involved in the community and implement the strategies I offer. If you can honestly say after doing so that the Roundhouse hasn't met your expectations, simply email me to get a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings. 

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Daniel Allison

There's More!

To offer you even more value, when you join the Roundhouse you’ll get access to:

The Mindset Module 

This is my guide to setting your life up to ensure creative success through mindset and goal-setting strategies. These strategies and insights are based on my years spent working with high-level coaches, experimenting with my own habits and routines and doing crazy things like writing a book, starting a new business and doing full-time martial arts training all at once!

There’s no pressure to use these techniques and tactics – you are encouraged to dedicate as much of your time and energy to this work as is right for you.

Topics include:

  • How to reverse-engineer your goals
  • Visualisation and vision boards
  • Morning and evening routines
  • Planning strategies to optimise your day, week, month and year
  • Evaluating your creative progress and correcting course
  • Using accountability systems to keep yourself on track

Daniel Allison

The Marketing Module

Maybe you’re yet to tell your first story and marketing is the last thing on your mind. Maybe you’re a seasoned fireside teller starting to look for paid work. Or maybe you’ve only just started telling, but you know in your gut that you want to make this your living. 

Whatever the case, the Marketing Module is there for when you need it. There’s a guide to help beginners build a solid foundation for the years to come, and a guide for advanced tellers looking to present a professional image to potential clients.

Topics include:

  • The healthy marketing mindset
  • Applying to schools, libraries & festivals
  • Social media
  • Podcasting
  • Websites & email marketing
  • Traditional & independent publishing

The Roundhouse Resource Library

Our resource library includes:

  • an exhaustive and regularly updated guide to the best storytelling books, websites, podcasts, pages, channels and events
  • all previous webinars with guest teachers from across the storytelling world


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Mara Menzies

Are You In?

By now you should have a good picture of what the Roundhouse is. Which means that it’s decision time! You could give this membership and community a try, with a money-back guarantee on what is already an incredible offer. You could learn new stories, make new friends, work towards new goals, study master storytellers and join the story shares… or do none of the above and save yourself a few dollars. 

I hope you'll choose to give the Roundhouse a try!


'A fantastic, flexible and open teacher who is always looking to learn'

Ruth Turner, Germany


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Daniel Allison

Dawne McFarlane by Joe Tamko

'Energy, momentum, daring; Daniel whirls with you into adventure and you never know where you'll land!'

Dawne McFarlane, Artistic Director, Toronto International Storytelling Festival

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'I love being able to study storytelling remotely, as there is nothing like this where I live. I also love connecting with an international community of like-minded people, this has been really meaningful during the pandemic.'

Lya Shvartz, Israel

Roundhouse Monthly Membership


  • Beginner's course
  • New courses added regularly
  • Monthly webinar
  • Monthly story share
  • Bonus mindset module
  • Bonus marketing module
  • Community
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Roundhouse Annual Membership


  • Beginner's course
  • New courses added regularly
  • Monthly webinar
  • Monthly story share
  • Bonus mindset module
  • Bonus marketing module
  • Community
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